About Us

The Preferred First Choice Jew Catch Fish is our brand for believably the fastest growing fingerlings backed with a proven research record that the directors have had for the last 15 years in aquaculture. Our bet for the best performing fish comes from a well-designed selective breeding and brood-stock management based on GIFT technology. The choice of sources of Nile tilapia and screening right from base population culminates in to this fascinating seed-stock.

We are one of the largest fingerling producers in Kenya, supplying 6 million fingerlings annually or on average 0.5 million monthly with a total of 53 fish ponds and three water reservoirs.  We have three fish farms and a feed production unit. The first site is a 4 acre farm at Kajiei, with sixteen (16) ponds.  The second farm, Kamwala has 29 ponds while the third farm, Mariwa Fish Farm is over 2 acres of water surface with ten ponds. All tilapia yolk sac fry produced are transported and sex reversed into all-male tilapia fingerlings at the second site at Kamwala Jewlet Fish Hatchery), 5km away  from the other two farms.  Selective breeding is mostly done at the Kajiei  and Mariwa sites site where water supply to the pond are from underground.  Kamwala site which  is on 6 acres, has a hatchery with laboratory facilities, and currently has 29 fish ponds and several large hapa nets for mass breeding, sex reversal and selective breeding.

We produce the Preferred Jew Feed, which is well formulated mostly tilapia diet(s) which with already positive feedback on growth performance is quickly becoming the household fish feed in Kenya. We produce 2 ton daily of floating pellets, one ton of starter powder and 2 ton of grow-out marsh all minimum 28% Crude Protein for tilapia. We also produce other fish feed products for catfish,  and tilapia at different stages but on order for these specialized products of up to 46% Crude Protein.

Our fish diets are distributed all over the country. Under Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) we supply Kakamega, Nandi, Homa Bay counties in Western Kenya and Kirinyaga, Embu and Tharaka Nithi in Central and Wastern Kenya. We are also being asked under the same program to supply Coastal Kenya. This is due to our reliability both in quality and timeliness. We have also supplied several counties like Baringo, Kisii, Migori, Homa Bay, Nyamira. Currently we are the main fish feed supplier to cage farming projects in Lake Victoria. Cages as we know require reliably good quality fish feeds. Having an edge over others means we lead from a reputation point of view.

We have a staff establishment of 18 permanent employees, with Enos Were as the MD and Jedida Nyongayo as Director operations. Enos Were and Jedida Nyongayo are the two directors of the company on partnership of 50-50 basis. Below that we have office manager, supervisors, and security personnel.

Fish Farming Application and Tutorias Fish Pond Management Mono-sex Tilapia Farming, Catfish Farming
University of Nairobi