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State of the Art Hatchery

We produce and supply on average 0.5 million fingerlings monthly making us one of the biggest producers in Kenya.

Modern Fish Farm

Our vast establishment of a fish farm which has a total of 53 fish ponds and three water reservoirs ensures production of quality fingerlings as well as table size fish.

High Grade Feed Mill

We produce the Preferred Jew Feed, which is well formulated to ensure fast growth.

Who We Are

The Preferred First Choice Jew Catch Fish

Our brand for believably the fastest growing fingerlings backed with a proven research record that the directors have had for the last 22 years in aquaculture. Our bet for the best performing fish comes from a well-designed selective breeding and brood-stock management based on GIFT technology.

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We are one of the largest catfish and tilapia fingerling producers in Kenya. We also produce high quality fish feeds as well as table size fish.


Catfish and Mono-sex Tilapia Fingerlings


Floating Pellets and Fry Starter Powder


Quality Catfish and Tilapia Table Size Fish